From the age of 18 I was always fascinated with tattoos. It was at the age of 18 that I got my first tattoos done. A standard bull dog and a Panther on my arms in full show, these were my first choices. Later in life I had these covered up but this was the start my journey.

The years after that I decided to get more tattoos and it was at this point I knew I had a love for the art. In 2012 I decided to take up body piercing, because I knew I couldn't draw but loved the vibe in tattoo shops. I passed with flying colours and started to pierce.


After 4 years I felt something was missing from my life. I wanted more satisfaction from my work. In 2014 I picked up a pencil and began to draw. I still have the drawings now and don't think negatively about them, I think of them as a start to my life and new career. I bought a machine pretty quickly without knowing the fundamentals of drawing or tattooing, which showed. So I stopped tattooing and took a year out to learn how to draw and shade.

At this point I was working in a bar to keep money up and drawing as much as I could. I had my sights on a new life and nobody was topping me. As my drawing began to become better I took them into a couple of tattoo studios for an apprenticeship. One got back to me and that was the start of my new career. I went from nothing to being a busy tattooist in 5 years. I work with black & grey because that's my passion and I love trying to work out new techniques, it's draining but it's the life I was searching for and will be forever grateful.

Never give up, progression is key.


AKA The Fake Tattooist